Tarzan Slots

Tarzan Slot is a brand new slot game with an extremely polished look that benefits from the spectacular three-dimensional animation, a great soundtrack, a familiar atmosphere and a theme. It has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines. In this particular slot, the character of Tarzan will guide through the jungles to countless treasures using the numerous effects of the symbols, the bonuses and the combinations available. The lowest possible bet is 40p. while the biggest possible is set at 40 pounds.

The Tarzan Friend Circle

Among the many friends of the jungle hero you will meet on the reels, are his love interest Jane, Archimedes, a chimp symbol, a leopard symbol, a shrike and a variety of different fruits such as the orange, the watermelon, the plum and the apple. The wild symbol of the slot is the Tarzan logo, which has the exceptionally valuable stacked effect. It can also replace the rest of the symbols in possible winning combinations and if all of these notable distinctions aren't enough, the wild here is also the highest-paying symbol-a combination of 5 of it on a payline will deliver an award that is 20 times bigger than your bet. When it comes down to the jackpot, it will come to the player in the form of huge, over-inflated multipliers. Once you get a hold of the jackpot, the different number of scatters that you receive will change the size of the top prize. 3 scatters will deliver a 200 times multiplier. 4 scatters will deliver a multiplier of 400 and 5 will bring home the biggest award which is 1000 times. That is how big a single, unadjusted award can be in Tarzan Slots. In the best case scenario, the largest possible award in this game (also a multiplier) is 2750 times the bet.

Human Bonuses in the Jungle

The bonus scatter symbol is the main treasure that you should be eagerly expecting to land on your reels. If a player gets his or her hands on at least three of those, the special Bonus Wheel will be started. Every time the player spins it, a great number and different types of awards will be arriving including multipliers, the chance to start two other bonuses-the Pick-a-Potamus one or the Free Spins and the opportunity to gain the jackpot prize. Depending on how many scatters a gambler receives, the size of the multiplier award will differ. For instance, 3 scatter symbols can increase the acquired income between 3 and 6 times. 4 symbols can pump up the numbers between 6 and 12 times and with 5 scatters, the awards are really going out of control with multipliers that can be as low as 9 and as high as 18. The Pick-a-Potamus bonus involves a new screen with 12 hippos, 2 of which are 100-percent proof winners. They will all pay solid prizes but there is also one, which will instantly end the bonus level. The Free Spins also involve the number of 12 - 12 free spins will be awarded once the bonus round is unlocked and it features a couple of very intriguing features and they are the Rolling Reels and the Growing Wilds. Rolling Reels means that every free spin will give you an additional chance to earn. The Growing Wild option provides 1 more wild symbol with every free spin with a maximum of 15 wilds. This might sound like a too-good-to-be-true bonus round with all these highly profitable extra features but you need to remember that the free spins can't be retriggered in Tarzan Slots so you will have to make the best of it when it happens.

Tarzan Slots is plenty of fun from its exceptional looks to its unending stream of great financial opportunities and it is bound to attract countless fans.