108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes

The Far East has found it's way into popular culture over the years. Many movies have been made about this culture including Seven Samurai, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Mulan, and Curse of the Golden Flower. Food from this part of the world is very popular in America. Nobu is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed restaurant brands in the world. Chinese New Year has become a celebration that is now celebrated around the world. The Chinese people wish each other prosperity and good health for the new year. Each year is linked to an animal on the Chinese Lunar Zodiac. The animal has a symbolic meaning with traits.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes is a slot machine game with a Chinese theme. They keep it simple by making it a 3 reel slot. There are 9 paylines. The second reel is very player friendly. You can unlock bunches of multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x. One of the possibilities is that you can get 2,136 times your bet in a single spin. The multipliers on reel two are what could lead to this. Unlocking free spins doubles your win. It has the potential to really add up.

The number seven appears in this game as a slot machine reel symbol just like it does in other internet or brick and mortar casino's slot machines. The bar also is a traditional symbol that makes an appearance in the game. The main characters are all in different martial arts poses. Each character's symbol corresponds to a different amount that one could potentially win.

Amazing Autoplay

This slot machine game features the mode of autoplay. You can determine your wager and how many spins in advance. The game will play itself. This can be convenient for gamblers who do not want to keep pressing spin. 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes allows you to set up the sound level, size of the screen and other options. The pay table opens in front of main screen. Most popular online casinos offer the ability to play this slot in a browser. The mobile version was designed for comfortable playing on smartphones and tablets.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes is a spectacular slot. The graphics are world class. There are a variety of ways to potentially win. It is very user friendly and not complicated to play at all.

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