Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots

That title will no doubt recall the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. But you’ll notice the slight difference in the title, as bar is mentioned instead. That provides a clue to how this slot game plays out, and we think you’ll enjoy this fun take on the theme.

Format of reels and lines

The suggestion of bar symbols appearing in this slot gives away the format. It has three reels in play and there is a single payline to place a wager on.

Coins to choose from

With only one line to bet on, it’s no surprise to realize the lowest coin value is higher than you’ll see in lots of games. It comes in at 20 cents apiece. You can play up to three coins on the line for each spin. The more you play, the bigger the potential prizes could be. The biggest coin to use is worth $25.

Special icons used in the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot

It’s not a huge shock to see a black sheep used as an icon here. This is wild and stands in for everything else that might pop up on that payline. You can also win triple the usual prize for the combination if a black sheep forms part of it.

Should you look out for a bonus feature?

No, this game doesn’t include a bonus. That’s not unusual for a three-reel slot, though. There is a chance to find out why this game is called Bar Bar Black Sheep, however.

The idea is to try and find a bar symbol on reel one and reel two, and then to get the black sheep on reel three. This is the jackpot combination. And if you get that, you can celebrate finding Bar Bar Black Sheep on the reels! It’s a nice tweak and a comical one too, although we think you’ll celebrate rather than appreciating the humor if you manage to find that combination.

Download and enjoy playing the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game today

For a simple three-reel game, this must surely be one of our favorites. The design is clear, sharp, and appealing, and the paytable offers some nice prizes. That little black sheep can come in pretty useful, but you will hope to see it lined up with two bar symbols first, are we right? We hope you manage to do just that.